Strategy books rose to prominence after WW2. The main reason for this was people’s interest in how armies were able to win several battles and ultimately, the war when it mattered most. Strategy books are vital in day-to-day life and can be the source of inspiration to do amazing things. Please read on to find some suggestions about top strategy books.

1. The Art of War

Written by the legendary Chinese writer and war strategist Sun Tzu, the Art of War is a classic strategy book. The book teaches about the importance of a disciplined army in the triumph of war. The teachings from this book apply to real life and show the need to have discipline when chasing your dreams.

2. 48 Laws of Power

Robert Greene’s masterpiece helps you learn how to acquire, manage and retain power. Whether political, wealth or social capital, he emphasises the need to be shrewd while chasing this power and how to stay ahead of the game.

3. Only the Paranoid Survive

This strategy book by Andrew Grove teaches on the need to stay paranoid to always be prepared for change. Additionally, Andrew explains that this paranoia makes us innovative and thus remain in top positions for longer.