Strategy books intrigue and inspire at the same time. When reading these types of books, it is no surprise to find some of the writers exciting, and thus, they create a following. In this post, we look at some celebrated strategy book authors. Read on.

1. Robert Greene

Robert Greene made a name for himself with the 48 Laws of Power. This revolutionary book is a guide for people looking to get into the power game or are already a part of it. Robert Greene also has some other strategy books such as the 33 Strategies of War and Mastery. He compels with his writing and his detailed approach through analysing historical events.

2. Sun Tzu

Legendary Chinese war strategist and writer, Sun Tzu is arguably the best strategy book writer of all time. In his masterpiece, the Art of War, Sun Tzu teaches about the need for a general to discipline his army. Sun Tzu emphasises that a disciplined army wins a war even before the first battle begins. He also advocates for the public punishing of rebels to keep the military in harmony. Sun Tzu is a revelation to many strategy book lovers looking to read about ancient war strategy.