While reading spiritual books to help you on your journey, you may find yourself interested in specific authors. Some of these authors’ teachings may appeal to you more than others do. In this post, we look at some of the top spiritual authors who you may want to read more books from.

1. Eckhart Tolle

At the turn of the century, Eckhart Tolle took the world by storm when he suggested a new way of life that focused on the now. His teachings emphasised the need to focus all efforts, thoughts and recollections on the present moment to help you lead a fulfilling life. Eckhart is best known for his writings that teach about the source of human suffering. Eckhart insists that all human suffering boils down to one thing; the insistence on trying to change the past and influence the future. Reading more of Eckhart’s books will help you better understand this concept of spirituality.

2. Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho is a top Brazilian author. He is most famous for his book, The Alchemist. This masterpiece details the life of Santiago, a shepherd boy, who leaves all behind in the quest to find a secret treasure that he sees in a vision in his dream. Coelho, in all his books, emphasises the need to follow your dreams against all the odds. Also, Paulo Coelho teaches about the centrality of spirituality in helping a person achieve his or her goals. Reading more of Coelho’s books will help you through the confusion stage of your spiritual awakening. Moreover, the books could also serve to be the wakeup call you need to start your spiritual journey.

3. Rumi

Rumi may not attract the fame that the previous two spiritual writers draw, but in his own respect, he is one of the most influential. Rumi is a yogi who is a poet and a writer as well. Through his written work, Rumi emphasises that people fill their hearts with love if they are to lead a fulfilling life. Rumi also highlights the point that we are all one, and we connect at a deeper and more intimate level than we may know. Following Rumi’s teachings will allow you to learn the importance of loving and forgiving the people that wrong you, as a way of leading a fulfilling spiritual life. His poems also call on us to reflect on our actions and how they affect those around us.